LettersĀ to God


                           Letters to God Metamorphosis Foundation (LGMF)
                                      A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, A Private Foundation

                                              (Giving Back and Making a Difference)

Letters to God Metamorphosis Foundation (LGMF) primarily provides resources for the necessary educational and medical expenses, including medical hardships, to help eliminate the obstacles that are incurred by people with special health care needs, i.e., people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.  In addition, LGMF (i) provides resources to help people in poverty-stricken areas and to help the distressed, (ii) provides resources related to, but not limited to, eliminating prejudice and discrimination/advancing Civil Rights symbolically via the erection and maintenance of public monuments, like the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial located in West Potomac Park next to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (King "is the only non-President with a memorial on the National Mall".), fostering religion, and advancing education, including literacy, and (iii) provides resources for disaster relief--"disaster relief to victims of a particular disaster".  LGMF exists to award grants for charitable purposes.  To accomplish the mission (tax-exempt purposes) of LGMF, the LGMF Grant Program awards to 501(c) organizations and individuals the following grants: 

  • LGMF Literacy Grants for educational expenses,
  • LGMF Survivor Grants for medical expenses,
  • LGMF Metamorphosis Grants for the impoverished, distressed, and victims of disaster,
  • LGMF Freedom Grants for advancing Civil Rights, and
  • LGMF Spirit Grants for fostering religion.

                                                MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER
                                                        Vicki R. Craig, Esquire
                                                  Chairman, CEO, and President

Because of my background, i.e., being reared in a religious environment via the home, church, and school, being a survivor of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (since age 10), being a former juvenile counselor and social worker, being a leader both professionally and in the community, and being a native of historic Selma, Alabama (where the Civil Rights Movement led to the enactment of The Voting Rights Act of 1965), LGMF was founded and incorporated to effectuate the above-referenced mission of giving back and making a difference.   

Adversity inspired me to become an "over-achiever".  See Biography.  Hence, as one who has been facing adversity since the seventh grade, vis-a-vis my debilitating childhood medical condition, I am qualified, as an expert, relative to overcoming insurmountable odds and becoming a survivor with the help of God and His Son by my side.

My grandmother helped me tremendously.  My grandmother instilled in me very early the importance of knowing God.  I never forgot all that I learned from her and my parents.  I have come to know God even better.  As a survivor of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, I know God.  Since I know God, I want to help others.  Through LGMF, I will advocate the principles that are needed to "Be a Survivor!".  As an advocate through LGMF, I will help others to survive.  I want to give back to the community and make a difference.  Through my Foundation, I will share my story of survival and knowledge of God in an assiduous effort to help others, while, simultaneously, making a substantial contribution to mankind via my survival story relative to how God helped me.  


                                                                                  Vicki R. Craig, Esquire
                                                                      Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President
                                                               Letters to God Metamorphosis Foundation (LGMF)
                                                                                    P.O. Box 1680
                                                                            Selma, Alabama  36702-1680


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